Testimonials from Adaptil DAP Users

Read how users of Adaptil DAP products have had success to calm and help acclimate their dogs to stressful environments and travel. Give Adaptil a try for your dog.

"Bailey" from Claire Russell, UK
From a puppy Bailey has always been a hyperactive, nervous dog, especially scared of loud noises.
As soon as the first firework would go off she would cower under the bed or hide under my legs shaking frantically. The fear of fireworks got worse as she got older, and progressed to a phobia of the dark; meaning from November to February she would not go out for a walk – which was a nightmare as it got dark at 5pm!
My vet recommended I try a DAP diffuser in the house throughout firework season. I bought two, one for downstairs and one for upstairs where I had made her a den under the bed. I couldn’t believe when the first firework went off her ears pricked up she looked at me (I totally ignored her as advised – sooo hard to do!) shockingly she put her head back down and went to sleep!!
The next day at 6pm when it was completely dark, I picked up her lead, shouted “walkies” she came flying down the stairs, wagging her tail couldn’t wait to go out!
When the firework displays started going off, she still got nervous and hid under the bed but didn’t shake and soon came back downstairs. The most beneficial change was that she would go for walks in the evening even after a display the previous night.
I would recommend DAP to dogs with firework fears as it has definitely helped Bailey!

Need One in Every House - "Lisa B" from Rochester, NY

what a great product! i purchased the collar and diffuser for the pack and after two weeks have a noticeable difference in behavior. Thunderstorms don't seem to bother them and they are less likely to bark at everything including passing leaves as they blow by the window... the house is zen. I think we need to have the human form now for kids and husbands!!!

"Texas Pet Lover" from Texas, US

I have a Great Pyrenees puppy who is terrified of everything, including coming inside the house! I bought the Adaptil electric diffuser with the Adaptil oil for 2 locations in our home. After about 24 hours, she voluntarily came into the house and actually laid down. WOW! Whereas before we could not get her to come inside no matter what even if it was pouring rain. It has made a noticeable difference in her behavior when she is indoors. It really works.

"Black Bess" from Jade Bartlett, UK
I picked my black labrador bitch puppy up at 14 weeks and she had not been socialised at all. She was very nervous and I was worried that her anxious behaviour would turn into aggression. A friend suggested putting a DAP collar on her for the first month to calm her anxieties. I did and it worked a treat. Along with careful introductions to the world outside of the breeder's farm, the influence of an older calm dog and the DAP collar, I now own a calm well adjusted confident young dog. I would definately reccommend DAP products to friends and family and would use these products again if I need them.

"Eben" from Laura Hannah, UK
Back in 2007 I rehomed a Rottweiler (Eben) from the RSPCA who had been ill treated and was suffering highly from anxiety and was very nervous to noises, visiting different places, meeting new people ect. After many hours of training and getting my new dog famiourised with different situations, the problems started to fade but not completely disappeared. I was introduced to DAP, at first I was very skeptical but I got to the point where if there was a chance that things could change I was willing to try anything. Cut a long story short ……. I cant thank you guys at Ceva enough ………. We don’t cower in the corner at fireworks anymore, we don’t get anxious when we move house again and we are general a lot more content than ever before.
Thank you. Laura Hannah

"Massimo" from Niki Miki, UK
Massimo used to hate travelling in the car, he would become anxious and poop the seat, usually before i had even left my street.
Now every time i want to take him in the car i use the (DAP) spray,and Massimo now loves being in the car, he cant wait to go a trip to meet new people or buy treats, and i love the fact i dont have to wash my back seats. Thank goodness for DAP as we go go a trip with no incidents. Regards Niki

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